Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The clothes cupboard

I built an armoire for the kids today. It's kind of wonky. But it's pretty cute. Now it just needs to be painted. I've never built anything with hinges before. All their little clothes will fit in there on the little shelves.

David Chavez

David Chavez was our guest tonight. We chatted. And watched Wipe Out.

Phases of sleep

Oslo has slept with about 18 to 20 stuffed animals for the past four nights. He has these phases he goes through that stop as quickly as they started. It used to be the ghost lights from Ikea.


Congratulations Pepper!
On winning the Chocolate Chip cookie bake off contest. I do love your cookies. Thanks for not letting me eat all of them.

Plastic Fruit

I like to shop at CostCo. I like to shop at Trader Joe's. I don't like fruit that comes in plastic packaging.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Well, hello there. It's been a long time since I have put anything up on my blog. I've been busy with school and family and just haven't really felt like blogging. But that's no reason to stay away for so long.
It's Sunday and has been very rainy. Whit and Meg (Peppers brother and wife) are in town for a conference so Meg came to church with us.
Actually, this isn't how I want to spend the last few moments of my Sunday night.
I'll check in later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A week end on a Saturday

This week I just wanted a weekend. I haven't had one or taken one in a while.
We woke up early and I did my chores. I haven't done chores in such a long time. The trash was taken out, the garbage area swept and the lobby vacuumed. We all showered and Pepper made breakfast. Some kind of crispy French Toast. It was good. We had a little lag time, Luca fell asleep on the couch and we almost didn't make it out of the house. Pepper had a short appointment to meet a new tenant to sign a lease and we were off. We drove to the botanical gardens to let the kids run and play in the sun. But the Anarchist convention taking place at the entrance changed our mind and we kept driving. It looked like the same bunch I see in the Burning Man photos, except they were dirtier and less artful. Since we had skipped lunch at home we made a stop at Peasant Pies for some carry out. If you happen to visit their establishment, you may notice that the door says Push, going in and out. From there we went to the park at Clarendon and Olympia, near twin peaks. We ate our lunch and the kids played. Each of them had a head bonk. Oslo was thrown off the merry-go-round which gave him quite a scare. Luca smashed into the bench we were sitting on. Some how she didn't need stitches or even break the skin. But she did swell up. They both shook off their bumps and kept playing. The sun was out, the sky was more blue than I remember seeing it in some time and the leaves on the trees a brilliant green. I had to lay down for a bit and just stare into the sky. It was one of life's perfect little moments. After a while we set off to go shopping. On the way off the hill we neared the Randal Museum. I'd never been there and Pepper thought it would be fun to pop in for a bit, so we did. we saw the bee's and the petting zoo. We watched the horned owl sleep, played in the exploration and toy areas. And ended with a visit to the electric train set in the basement. Oslo did not want to leave but we had to move on with our day. That meant a trip to the mall to get some new clothes for the kids. Most of Oslo's pants have been hanging well above his ankles for a few weeks now. Pepper and Luca went in first as Oslo slept in the car. I stayed with him and even fell asleep. When we woke up we met Pepper and Luca inside. The kids hunted around in the toy store and I went in search of some new shirts. After finding a few, Luca was at her end and with a cry signaled our time to depart.
At home we found dinner, cleaned the living room and settled in for a movie. We watched, The Swiss Family Robinson, a film Pepper and I had both watched at home in our childhood. So it seamed fitting to show it to our own children. The night went just as is should have. The kids were on and off the couch. Laying with mom and with dad. Eating and spilling popcorn. And occasionally kicking each other. Luca was so tired she couldn't go to sleep so we had to put her in her bed. The rest of us huddled on the couch and watched the adventure unfold on the screen. Soon enough I fell asleep. I think that's standard procedure for a dad. The last thing I remember is pepper covering me with a blanket.
It was a wonderful end to a much needed day off.