Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The clothes cupboard

I built an armoire for the kids today. It's kind of wonky. But it's pretty cute. Now it just needs to be painted. I've never built anything with hinges before. All their little clothes will fit in there on the little shelves.

David Chavez

David Chavez was our guest tonight. We chatted. And watched Wipe Out.

Phases of sleep

Oslo has slept with about 18 to 20 stuffed animals for the past four nights. He has these phases he goes through that stop as quickly as they started. It used to be the ghost lights from Ikea.


Congratulations Pepper!
On winning the Chocolate Chip cookie bake off contest. I do love your cookies. Thanks for not letting me eat all of them.

Plastic Fruit

I like to shop at CostCo. I like to shop at Trader Joe's. I don't like fruit that comes in plastic packaging.