Friday, February 6, 2009

Family Outing

Last night when I returned home from work I drank a glass of water ate a chip and packed up the family to walk down to Kevin Moore's latest and greatest art exhibit at the Hespe Gallery. Pepper strapped Luca into the Baby Bjorn and we were off. Oslo was so happy to be outside that he ran almost the entire 12 blocks from our home to the gallery. Kevin's show was amazing. It is something that should be seen by any who have the chance. It was also a pleasure to see a lot of friends out in support of the show. Some of them I see often and others it's been a while. We were also very happy to have Tracy Astle join us on our night out.
After the show we ended up getting some of that Powell St. Pizza. Oslo didn't eat much but he sure drank a lot. And since he had run all the way there he was too exhausted for the walk home so I carried him as he slept. He is getting heavier as he grows up but it was still nice to have him zonked out on my shoulder. I know these days are numbered so I try to enjoy every moment I get.
And Kevin, Bravo.