Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do not trust the Postal Service

We all know not to trust the Postal Service. Don't we? But do we really know not to trust them?

While we were out of town we asked that our mail be held until we returned. A simple request. At least we thought.

We returned to our San Francisco home and the first thing we saw through the lobby window was our mail box open and empty. The next day we called to post office to find out if they had our mail. They told Pepper we didn't get any mail. - In ten days over the Christmas Holiday we didn't get any mail? We called back each day talking to different people at the post office who all shifted the blame or responsibility to some one else and even back to us. So for four days we have been calling and visiting the counter of our local branch trying to find out what happened to our mail. So far the official word is that it has been delivered and is out of their hands and responsibility. I did however get in touch with some one who oversees these type of cases and he said he would look into it. But what can be hoped for?

Through some investigation of our own we have learned the mail was delivered to an open box and we have verified that a number of personal and valuable envelopes had been sent during that time. I wonder how long it will be before we find out our Luca owes thousands of dollars to creditors for trips to spring break town in Florida, a kick ass new stereo with hundred inch woofers and banquets galore at the local TGIFridays.

So the real problem, more than our mail being delivered early, more than it being delivered to an open mail box, is that we trusted the United States Postal Service to preform a simple task.

Disgruntled? I am surprised more people don't go "postal" on the postal service.

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-dayna- said...

How terrible. I'm so sorry.