Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby Nameless

On Peppers countdown we only have one day to have this baby. I'll be surprised if it happens tomorrow.

Every day people ask what we are going to name it. And we don't know. Before Oslo was born we went through all kinds of names. With this one almost nothing comes to either of us.

But here is a short list of our top names we can both agree on.
1. Hutch Dragon Price Elliot
2. Del M. Elliot
3. Shem Hankrum Elliot
4. Justice Hammer Elliot
5. Cloudy Tamm Elliot
6. Eli Sable Elliot

1. Blondie Von Della Elliot
2. Trang Cartwright Elliot
3. Mantha Candice Elliot
4. Lori Lavern Elliot
5. Chaste Golden Elliot
6. Ronnie Brayer Elliot

1. Clinton/Clintonia Subaru Elliot
2. Viz Fixen Elliot
3. Duo Vanderkemp Elliot
4. Forest Don/Dawn Elliot
5. Runglink Grestallvra Elliot

It'll be one of these.


tiger said...

Oh my, you two are creative:)

Chelle and Aaron said...

Aaron suggests Aaron/Erin McDonough Elliot for an excellent Unisex name.