Saturday, September 6, 2008

Talent Show

There was a talent show held today at the church on the corner of Pacific and Gough. It had singing and dancing and dancing and singing and comedy and some ball bouncing and a Poem. And all of that was just on the main stage. At the back of the grand hall were tables with artwork and crafts and crafty art work and even a slide show of photos from around the world. Then there were some video presentations shown on a screen. In spite of some audio technical errors and a curtain that never closed and a small flicker in the lighting it was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Seating was comfortable and treats were in abundance. Children were running and playing and some how the one that tumbled off the stage did so with such childish grace and good fortune that he wasn't hurt. The timing of the event even had it's benefit. It was late enough that one was able to go to the beach in the morning and, due to the still long days of summer, if one wanted to could easily return to the beach in the late afternoon.

As for us? We just came home. It had already been a good day. We had spent the morning at the beach with a couple of friends and relaxed in the sun and splashed in the waves.

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