Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pepper alert

So when I am super famous. Not just blog famous. Pepper is going to come out with a sneaker and sweat pants line. We have been throwing around a few names for her company.
Pepper and Squid Inc.
Pepper Pushers
Socks and Pepper
Pepper the Company and Co.
Pepper Stay
Hot Pepper Pants
Sweat n' Pepper
Pepper Pants Shoes
P.U.M. wear
Ugly Stuff You Wear
Beauty Inside
Roller Dance Smash Up Power Punchers In the Face of the People (RDSUPPIFP)
Rides Up P.I.F.P. YO! and Co.

So be on the look out for some amazing stuff from Pepper. She is the real brains and talent in this operation we call a family. I am just a front.


Tommy said...

pepper and company and co.

Brooke said...

I like Pepper and Squid Inc. Can't wait to get some pants and shoes--what about socks and shirts--maybe even hats?