Monday, August 4, 2008

What I did on my Summer vacation

Things from this post may end up in the book in more detail but this is not the book. It's just a regular post.

Today marks the end of another semester. It was a fast and fun seven weeks. I had four Pre College painting classes for High school students and one undergrad Abstract Painting class. I had the fortune of having a really good bunch of students in each of my classes and met some wonderful people who I think have some very bright futures. I gave some of the most harsh criticism I have ever dished out. It was though but needed to be said and for the most part brought impressive results. And some funny stuff happened.

There was the student that shook and hid their face each time I spoke to them. The one that liked me enough to promise a quick and painless death when they became President or Emperor of the world. I was hugged and picked up from the floor by an energetic corn fed young lady. Even after I said no, one of my more bold students drank from my Dr. Pepper. I said "It's yours now. And you owe me a Dr. Pepper next week." Which is still owed to me. I also think some one ate an orange from one of the still life set ups. That thing had been sitting around for a few weeks. One fifth of my students dropped out in the first week. I latter found out I was considered a mean teacher for the first few weeks of school. (It was all part of the plan.) I was able to work in a karate kick to one of my painting demos. "Uhhh. I have a question." was my favorite quote from the semester. One of the brilliant students made a self portrait out of gummy bears. It was half yellow half white. Just like they were. There was even a car wash for cancer and bake sale thrown in there.

Like I said, it was a fun semester. Too many things to mention. But now it's on to my summer. I will be building a crib and a bed for Oslo, building an online class and spending time with my family.


michelle said...

I can't believe you had a rep for being mean.

Moygonzola said...

i like how you put "Brilliant student" knowing i would most likely read it...i feel like a 50 year old stalker man. There is one thing you forgot to add in about your summer! That one romanian girl that had a crush on you from the painting class jenny and i were in with you. I think she dug your mean mug :P

Moygonzola said...

It's half white and half yellow. "Just like me." She said with her little Moy Smile.

i smell a childrens book about the heartbreak and pride of being a hybrid. Now get on that sir!

Rachel said...

Regarding your tent post, thank you for finally putting into words what usually comes out of my mouth as only "I don't like camping." People usually look at me funny and I can tell they are judging me and putting me into a narrowly defined catetogory of person. Let's face it though, sleeping in a tent feels disgusting and I would add a little scary. There are very few things that will ever inspire me to pitch a tent.

I hope you have a good summer break and I can't wait to read your book.