Friday, August 29, 2008

At The Computer

A list of things at our computer station. From left to right.

-A small gold frame painting of Christ
-A generic gray/tan computer speaker with a green light that glows when the power is on
-A stack of seven blank compact discs in thin clamshell cases. (They are stacked on the speakers)
-Four learn French discs (on top of the blank discs)
-A Motorola V3 flip phone Motomanual (on top of the French discs)
-Two Discs of images for a music video I did some work for that was never made
-A red box from Red Envelope. It contains:
-Eleven photos of my son and wife. They were a gift.
-Three Viz Media business cards
-An expired temple recommend
-A menu for the 21st Amendment
-My cousins Address
-Two memory cards for a camera I don't own any more
-The corner of an envelope with a friends return address
-ipod slip case with a print of a race car driver on it
-More photos of Oslo- his first birthday
-Another disc of Oslo photos
-A copy of the Beastie Boys, The in sound from the way out
-An empty cd slip case for the Arcade Fire, with Cameron's address written in the corner
-A gray USB chord for Peppers camera
-An Orow Wheat coupon
-A note pad with phone numbers and a list of things to do
-A black Sharpie marker
-A burgundy Sharpie marker
-The right side gray/tan generic computer speaker. It has no light
-Black cloth for cleaning the lenses on my glasses. It's collecting dust. I just use my shirt
-My eye prescription
-Zoo membership
-The url for a friends website
-A thank you card sent to me for a painting I did for a friend
-Two Thomas and Friends DVDs out of their boxes
-A box of trendy thank you cards I need to use up soon. I am behind on my thank yous
-Another stack of cds, some burned some blank and some empty clam shell cases
-A black USB chord for my camera
-A wooden rooster magnet
-Two wedges of wood from a Utrecht frame
-A mostly empty case for my Waccom tablet pen
-A silver plastic GE cordless telephone and base unit

Thursday, August 28, 2008


On average I get six emails a week.
On average I check my email seven times a day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Blog

Long Blog entries are the worst.

MASS-ively annoying-EMAILS

Today I received two mass emails. I have been receiving more and more of these lately. And I don't particularly like finding them in my inbox. Even if it's for a good cause or something incredibly cute or funny. What ever the case I tend to loose a little faith in the person sending or forwarding the message.

Here's why. Even though the messages in the mass emails are varied there is generally a bias point of view and some outrageous point intended to get the reader to rally behind the cause. Maybe it's something like this:

Recycling- The Hidden Evil Of The 21st Century.

Stop recycling!
In towns across America illegal immigrants are collecting fingerprints and DNA from discarded bottles and cans. Once the personal leavings are collected and cataloged the recyclables are then traded, right out in the open, for cash at various locations that are likely in or near the neighborhood where you and your family live! The money the collected goes to funding identity theft and human cloning. And if that isn't scary enough soon enough it will be taught in schools that it in order to save the earth we must all recycle. When the real truth is, the only way to save the planet is to save America. And in order to save America we must save every bit of human waste in the very bottles we bring into our homes.

So I urge you to think twice before you toss out that bottle of pickle juice little Jimmy just gulped down after his soccer match. What is really being recycled? Glass or our children?
Stop recycling! Stop the invasion of an army of our own children- except they will be clones armed with glass shooting guns made of glass that can easily avoid detection by metal detectors.

This is clearly not a real issue, as of yet, but this is pretty much how most mass emails sound when I read through them. And tag lines like- "I don't know who wrote this but I thought you should read it and pass it on" or "I saw this on the news" and "A hitch-hiker sent this to me and when I wrote back they were gone" -never help the validity of the message.

Like I said in the beginning I found two of these in my email today. And each of the mass emails had a mass response, which is something I find more irritating than the initial email. However today I happened to take a moment and respond to each of the writers on an individual basis.

The first one was very thoughtful, polite and open in their dialog with me. It felt like a civil conversation between two people who have similar and opposing views. I felt a sense of respect from them and hope they felt the same from me.

Then second interaction I would like to share with you. I will refer to the other person as A. Because that's how they signed their email . And my response will be represented by an M. That just stands for "Me".

In response to a mass email calling for votes.

A- "Seriously...not everyone shares the same political views. Stop already."

M- "I agree that we do not all share the same views political or otherwise- I don't like tomato's. Nor do I like mass emails. One of the things I like less than mass emails is being included on the mass email response to the mass email. Please be the change you want to see in the world and respond only to the sender.
All the best"

A- "Are you kidding me. That was just lame. Keep to yourself and I don't need someone to tell me to be the change blah blah blah"

M- "I am not kidding you. Where is the lameness in not wanting be included in a mass responses? Can you explain to me how you have the right to tell me to keep to myself when it was you who instigated this dialog by sending me an email? Is that a specific guideline I should follow or is it more of a general rule that every one should follow?"

I haven't heard back from A. And if I do that will be the last of it. I have already given this more time than was intended.

So in closing I ask that you not include me on your mass emails (unless it's an invitation to a party or BBQ or boat race- is that a regatta?). And please if you need to respond to a mass email, simply respond to the sender. It's just good etiquette. So please help get the word out.
Good luck will come to you if you copy these last two paragraphs and forward them to 10 of your closest friends. If even half the people on your list will do the same when it comes back to you, you will find out who your real friends are and who had a secret crush on you in the fifth grade. It's so true it's creepy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IQ Text

Please don't text in the movie theater. Even though I can't hear your phone, I can still see it. It's like watching little fire flies pop up and down in the dark - except it's not charming or magical.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What I did on my Summer vacation

Things from this post may end up in the book in more detail but this is not the book. It's just a regular post.

Today marks the end of another semester. It was a fast and fun seven weeks. I had four Pre College painting classes for High school students and one undergrad Abstract Painting class. I had the fortune of having a really good bunch of students in each of my classes and met some wonderful people who I think have some very bright futures. I gave some of the most harsh criticism I have ever dished out. It was though but needed to be said and for the most part brought impressive results. And some funny stuff happened.

There was the student that shook and hid their face each time I spoke to them. The one that liked me enough to promise a quick and painless death when they became President or Emperor of the world. I was hugged and picked up from the floor by an energetic corn fed young lady. Even after I said no, one of my more bold students drank from my Dr. Pepper. I said "It's yours now. And you owe me a Dr. Pepper next week." Which is still owed to me. I also think some one ate an orange from one of the still life set ups. That thing had been sitting around for a few weeks. One fifth of my students dropped out in the first week. I latter found out I was considered a mean teacher for the first few weeks of school. (It was all part of the plan.) I was able to work in a karate kick to one of my painting demos. "Uhhh. I have a question." was my favorite quote from the semester. One of the brilliant students made a self portrait out of gummy bears. It was half yellow half white. Just like they were. There was even a car wash for cancer and bake sale thrown in there.

Like I said, it was a fun semester. Too many things to mention. But now it's on to my summer. I will be building a crib and a bed for Oslo, building an online class and spending time with my family.