Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Photo booth

This is me at work. My favorite is the first one. "Comic Book Fist."

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grandma Janet and Baby Oslo

My Mom flew out from Ogden for the weekend. It was her first time to meet Oslo. They got along very well right from the beginning. She of course spoiled him, as she did me, with lots of hugs and kisses and snuggle time. Whenever Oslo cried she was there to pick him up. I would say, "Mom, he's okay. He needs to learn to sleep on his own." And she would tell me, "He can do that when I'm not here." Consequently Oslo slept in my mothers arms most of the two nights she was with us. And in the day time she kept him just as close. It was a treat for us. One of the perks was that Pepper and I were able to step out for a movie. Pepper had a bottle all made up for him but he never needed it. He just slept the whole time.
Out that window is a view of San Francisco. You can see the Trans America building and the Bank of America tower as well as the Civic Center dome. But as you can see it's a bright sunny day in SF.

Grandma Janet and Oslo napping.

I thought this was a cute little sequence of photos. My mom was excited and eager to let us know whenever Oslo smiled, or burped, or cooed, as you can see in the first photo. It was cute to watch them together. He was very good for her and she was good to him.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sitting is a thing

At first baby's don't do much. I thought, since he's a boy, he'd probably like to play sports and read comic books and make pretend war. So far he hasn't been interested in any of that. Sitting up, sort of, is one of the things he can do. And slumping over to his side is another thing. That first picture isn't cute, I know, but it sure is funny.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Oslo's blue tub funtime bath hour

Views from room 468 and a story about flowers

I liked capturing a few images of what was happening outside while we were in the hospital. When Oslo grows up I want to be able to show him what it was like outside on the first morning of his life. It was a typical gray San Francisco morning. It had rained a little. It was cool but comfortable. (Had he come a few days earlier it would have been during an uncommonly cold front for the bay area.) People were out and about. Starting their day. Unaware of the fresh little life that had just come into ours. (The upside down picture was taken upside down while I lay on my cot with Oslo on my chest. I reached over my head and clicked. Not that it's an amazing photo. It's just that's why it's upside down.)

After Oslo had fed and gone down for his early morning nap I went out for an errand. Walking out of the hospital I flipped up my hood to keep out the gray sky drizzle. My body was tired but it felt good to walk and breath unfiltered air. There was a little row of stores, a strip mall I suppose, across from the hospital. The little market was where I was headed. A few months before, I had been told it was very important that I buy flowers or some sort of gift for Pepper to have after delivery. The advice was given to me as a reminder that even though I was there for the birth, I had not given birth, therefore I was not off the hook for giving the new mom a gift. Of all the advice given to me as a dad-to-be, this was perhaps the only bit that I remembered.

Once I arrived at the little market my work began. I went to the first flower bunch I saw. They were nice. A mixed variety of flowers, all colorful and soft. But were they the right flowers? Did they say, this was the first bunch I saw so I bought them. So I kept looking. The next bunch was pretty but were they the kind she liked? Did they have the kind she liked? What kind does she like? Carnations? No... lily's? I don't know.Maybe. I don't see any lily's. Oh, what's that down there? Potted flowers. Strong, beautiful, alive, no need for a vase... But they do have that pink plastic/foil/paper wrapped around its green plastic pot. The wrap is so eye catching all you can really look at is what ever it's trying to cover up. And then when the potted dirt is spotted the need for watering is remembered. So if I bring that as my gift, what I am saying is, Hi honey, look what I brought you. That's right it's something else to feed and look after... So this potted thing is out of the question... Hum, what do they have inside? Oh there are some more flower bunches. Are they different from the ones out side? Oh, I like these roses. They are small and cute and some are green. I like these better than the Prom pink or the Sensuous red they have out front. Maybe I need a drink before I make this decision. If they have the orange soda I like I will buy that and then get the flowers. Oh, here are some cards. I should probably get a card... I like this one. Oh, its a funeral card. Maybe I can just cross out "Sorry for your loss" and write Congratulations for your new bundle of joy." (It's a little trick I learned from my mom.) Or I'll just keep looking. The baby dressed as a lamb, no, the baby by the blocks that spell baby, no, the baby in the dresser drawer? Well it is black and white. It is staged. But it's well lit. It's this or the funeral card. Gosh, I could really use that orange soda... It seems like they would have them here. I wonder if they have black licorice Nips? That's funny their magazine rack is under the fruit stand. I bet that cuts down on the page browsing. Maybe in these higher end markets the clientele knows exactly which magazine they want so they don't need to brows. Or maybe only little kids by magazines at this market. That's got to be it. They are placed for little kids. What am I doing? I just need flowers. It's not that hard. Just pick a flower bunch. Get the card and check out. How long have I been in here? Okay, I'll get the multi- colored rose bunch, the first bunch I saw out side and the baby in the drawer.

So that's done. Except that I need a vase. I doubt the hospital Has one big enough for this double bunch of flowers. I better look into this Ace Hardware next door. No vases that I liked or that were large enough. So I purchased a clear plastic pasta container. It's a fine looking vase and when the flowers are gone I can use it to hold my paint brushes. Or maybe even pasta.