Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Bachelorhood is Pretty Good

I have to admit being a bachelor again feels pretty good.

On Sunday I dropped Pepper and Oslo off at her sisters house in Monterey. She spent a couple days there, then flew to Salt Lake this morning. She and Oslo will stay there for a few weeks and I will join them when I am finished with school in two weeks.

Monday was not all that special. I just sat and drew some images, to be printed later in the week, and I did some laundry. It sounds simple but these two tasks took all day. Fortunately I enjoy both activities.

These are two of the images I drew that I probably won't print. The Hairy Man-Child ended up being reminiscent of Oslo. That is the stance he has when he is really mad. I also mixed in some worst case scenario: Not growing, super-porcupine-like hair growth on his back, long teeth and bald. Note: Oslo this did not start out as you. I love you very much and think you will grow up to be very handsome. It's just a coincidence that this is how you stand when you get all tense and upset. I don't think you will have hairy monkey arms. Also I am sure you won't be able to fit into your little coveralls for much longer, let alone at age forty.

On Tuesday I had class most of the day. For breakfast I had store bought cookie dough. At school I painted in the morning and went to a lecture in the late afternoon. Then it was back to school to set up to print the drawings I had made on Monday. I was at there until closing, midnight. On my way home I grabbed some dinner. Two cheese burgers, a hot fudge sunday, and a giant coke. When I got home I topped it off with some more cookie dough. I watched a few scenes from the movie The Goonie's and went to bed.

Wednesday morning came as early as usual. I reviewed my list of things to do, researched on the Internet for a bit, then had some cookie dough for breakfast. With all this quiet time this thought came to me, "I sure am glad my body knows how to turn things like cookie dough, soda and ice cream into skin and blood and stomach lining."

Yep, being a bachelor is pretty good. Treats with (or for) each meal, burgers after midnight, soda for a night cap and sleeping in the middle of the bed.

Pepper, you will be impressed to know I went to the store and all I bought was toothpaste, T.P., bread and some bottled water. No Little Debbie's, no chips and no licorice... Some how with the above information that doesn't seem like much of a success.

My heart and my health miss you. Sorry I am such a wreck without you.

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