Sunday, February 18, 2007

Grandma Janet and Baby Oslo

My Mom flew out from Ogden for the weekend. It was her first time to meet Oslo. They got along very well right from the beginning. She of course spoiled him, as she did me, with lots of hugs and kisses and snuggle time. Whenever Oslo cried she was there to pick him up. I would say, "Mom, he's okay. He needs to learn to sleep on his own." And she would tell me, "He can do that when I'm not here." Consequently Oslo slept in my mothers arms most of the two nights she was with us. And in the day time she kept him just as close. It was a treat for us. One of the perks was that Pepper and I were able to step out for a movie. Pepper had a bottle all made up for him but he never needed it. He just slept the whole time.
Out that window is a view of San Francisco. You can see the Trans America building and the Bank of America tower as well as the Civic Center dome. But as you can see it's a bright sunny day in SF.

Grandma Janet and Oslo napping.

I thought this was a cute little sequence of photos. My mom was excited and eager to let us know whenever Oslo smiled, or burped, or cooed, as you can see in the first photo. It was cute to watch them together. He was very good for her and she was good to him.

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