Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What will you do when the baby cries?

I haven't posted in a couple of days because we have been having so much fun with Oslo.

Tonight, Pepper, was talking to her sister on the phone and our nephew, who she could hear in the background, said he was going to baby sit Oslo. When Pepper told me this I thought it sounded like a fine idea. I'm sure there will be some reason for Pepper and I to go somewhere, sometime, to do something and we'll need a sitter. So I thought it would be a good idea to interview this eager, potential employee to find out what our Five year old baby sitter might do in a few crucial baby sitting scenarios.

Me: What will you give the baby if he is hungry?

Him: Thinking... Still thinking... I'll give him some milk.

Me: How will you know he is hungry?

Him: He will open his mouth. (He said he learned that from my blog.)

Me: How do you make a baby stop crying?

Him: Put a binky in his mouth.

Me: What kind of fun games will you play with him?

Him: Peek-a-boo... Where's the Baby. (Motions acted out as answer is given.) And I'll give him some toys.

Me: What will you do with a dirty diaper?

Him: With wide eyes and turned down mouth, he points to his mother.

Well, those were pretty good answers. Not that different from what I would do. So what could I say?.. He's hired!

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